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Welcome to Central Alberta

At The Central Alberta Coffee News®, our mission is to strengthen our community by promoting small and medium-sized businesses and to provide awareness to local non- and not-for-profit organizations.  Your neighborhood business NEEDS neighborhood coverage. By targeting the consumers “most likely” to use their product or service, Coffee News® empowers businesses to affordably implement consistent and repetitive advertising that yields results. Coffee News® manages to reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media – for a fraction of the cost!

Coffee News® is a weekly, one-page publication, distributed free of charge, to local restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, senior centers, medical offices, car service centers, and anywhere else people enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting. Coffee News® is an entertaining, upbeat publication that provides patrons with a pleasant diversion while they wait. Coffee News® was designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising because it provides local businesses with an inexpensive, highly effective, and highly visible outlet for their ads.

Everything in Coffee News® is fun, entertaining, and positive – no bad news here! Filled with unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, and amazing facts, it is a big breath of FRESH AIR to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only the bad news. Coffee News® also highlights What’s Happening in your community each week.

Take a few moments to explore our site and read more about Coffee News® and its unique benefits to advertisers, restaurants, and your local community.

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“We have been using Coffee News for 5 years for our local advertising. Their always very helpful, professional, and accommodating to our changing needs. I recommend them for any small business.”
Lori Gillan – Trophy Loft
“We at Prairie Office Plus would like to thank the folks at Coffee News for their help in reaching some new customers! We started with Coffee News earlier this year and committed to a fairly large area to try and touch some potential customers that maybe had never heard of us or didn’t know about our new location.  It’s a bit of a challenge to measure success on a marketing expense like this. We were very fortunate as within our first month we had a lady come in from a Central Alberta town, she’d not ever heard of us, but did tell us she saw our ad in the Coffee News. She needed a number of chairs for her company boardroom, we were able to help her with that and she left as a very happy new customer.
The interactions we’ve had with the Coffee News team have been very positive and professional. They came up with excellent ideas for our ad and have been very good in following up to see if they can help us with anything else.
I have no hesitation in recommending Coffee News! They’ve been excellent to deal with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”
Tom Mansell – Prairie Office Plus
“As a local business Coffee News has been a great tool to let people from all different walks of life get to know about our products and services. They are always on top of things and provide our business with great value for our advertising dollars. Would definitely recommend!”
Geordin Flett – Battery Boss